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The Angelo Fund!

Hi guys,

I know it has been a while again, but things are pretty grim still. Ups and downs, but nothing significantly new I'd like to report.
However, I would really like to ask for your help with something.

I've likely mentioned more than once my desire for my own dog, since moving out here with Matt, and we decided on a Bernese Mountain Dog, as the personality would best suit us, as well as the living conditions here. (lake district, farmland, etc)
We have been saving hard, selling, doing what we can, but with the benefit cuts and having a lot of bad luck financially this passed year, our savings have dwindled from £2000 to £800, and dropping. I am working hard to get this back up, but we need £2000 minimum by November if we hope to get a pup from our lovely breeder, who has been very kind and helpful through all this. The puppy is just over £1500, and we are saving a little extra to get some other essentials and the first insurance and what-not ready.
If anyone can help us reach this goal, we'd be so grateful. I don't feel right putting all of our story in the page, but you guys here on LJ know what it has been like, and what I am like...

Please help if you can by donating and/or sharing this: https://www.gofundme.com/AngeloFund

Or buying something from our Ebay sales!

Thanks for your time!

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