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The (Not So) Secret Life of Ash

(Absolute Nonsense...)

11 October 1988
Hello, creepers!

Thank you for visiting my personal blog.
I must warn you that as a personal blog, it can and probably will contain my darker thoughts, including some things on depression, anxiety, and other such miserable topics. There are happier entries too, but please be aware that there may be some triggers in here, for the sensitive.

Now for me as a person...
My name is Ash, I am currently 26, with interests such as film, (particularly horror) video games, storytelling/reading, animals, unique clothing and hats, lotsa hair dye, piercings and my weirdest hobby to date, ABJDs.
(I have a separate blog for that below)

Unfortunately, I have struggled with a physical sickness since I was a little one, which has stopped me living the life I want, and has triggered some depression and anxiety issues. These issues do tend to get to me, but I make the best of it and am always trying to tackle my issues as head on as possible, usually by writing it out...

So, eeh...that's for your time!

I also have a Facebook page, where I put more pictures and stuff....


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